If you’re looking to support work that I’ve done, please consider donating to one of these organizations instead. Any amount is welcome, and all accept contributions as small as $5.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is basically what it sounds like: an archive of all sites online plus freely available content. Think of it as the Internet equivalent of the Library of Congress. It’s invaluable for getting information that is no longer online, seeing what a website looked like a decade ago, finding live music or old software, etc.

Insight Retreat Center

IRC is unique in that all Vipassana retreats are freely offered and it runs entirely on donations and volunteers. I’ve directly benefitted from it, and it’s very important to me that it remain available. It’s associated with the Redwood City IMC.

Planned Parenthood

There’s not much new to say about Planned Parenthood. While I have misgivings about many high-profile, highly publicized non-profits, PP is one whose physical locations have directly benefitted many people I know.

Bellaire Public Library

Bellaire is the library that I went to as a kid. I have fond memories of digging through the stacks for Harry Harrison novels and racking up stickers from the summer reading program. It was probably the institution most responsible for my education, moreso than the public school system.

New York Public Library

NYPL gets a lot of my tax dollars, but they still manage to spend it all.

Union of Concerned Scientists

UCSUSA is one of the only organizations that I believe is effectively tackling environmental and energy issues.